Fun Car for adults


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TitleFun Car for adults

CategoryBuilding the Vehicle

CommentMy dad is known in my old pack for fun cars. He once made a replica bobsled (winter olympics was close) and his greatest was a Volkwagen Beetle. He called it the secret weapon and kept it in a military magazine box handcuffed to his wrist. Before the race he even had an unveiling with the background song "Da Da Da" from the ad campaign. The car had a block of wood glued to the top to add the rounded roof (definitely over weight limit) and the secret? A small bottle rocket in the back. At the start he lit it and then the gate was dropped his car went from a three foot loss to zooming past the other car winning by about 2 secs. Hilarious but should be kept in the adult heat. (Editor's Note: Bottle Rockets, CO2 Cartidges, or other propellants can cause cars to shoot off the track, causing injury.)

Contributor Unknown Scout


Date Entered07-Jan-2006

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