Parent's Helper to Independent Inventor


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TitleParent's Helper to Independent Inventor

CategoryBuilding the Vehicle

CommentA scout's role in the craftsmanship of their car should be appropriate to their age. They will need lots of help the first year. By the last year they will be capable of independent work, and get a greater sense of pride from doing it by themselves. We encourage each scout in our den to do as much as they can, and have offered the following guidelines over the years.

-- Tigers: Parent discusses each step and demonstrate on the actual car. At least part of each step should be done by the scout's own hands; goal 50%.

-- Wolves & Bears: As much as is practical and safe the scout does all the work on their car; goal 80%. A good way for a parent to be there without taking over is to make their own car in parallel with their son's.

-- Webelos: Scout designs and builds their car with minimal parental supervision for advice and safety; goal 100%.

Sticking to these guidelines takes more self-control for the parent than skill for the scout. You may have to review your son's design and steer him away from cars that he cannot realistically build with his skill set.

Happy building!

Dave Wright
Blue Ridge Council
Reedy Falls District
Pack 751

ContributorFerdinand Tretter


Date Entered01-Mar-2005

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