Pinewood vs Space vs Raingutter


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TitlePinewood vs Space vs Raingutter

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CommentWhich is 'better' - the Pinewood Derby, the Raingutter Regata, or the Space Derby?
We have tried all three a couple of times, and definitely think the Pinewood Derby is the 'best'. Here's why.

Pinewood Derby:
Pro's - typically higher parental involvement, the races are more exciting, the vehicles are more durable, due to popularity, it's not hard to find a track you can borrow or rent for your race.
Con's - cars typically take a little longer to make (this is debatable.) Fathers sometimes 'take over' the experience from their boys.

Space Derby:
Pro's - Boys get very excited about rockets.
Con's - the rockets are more fragile, propellers and rubber bands break too often leaving boys heartbroken, higher failure rate (percentage of vehicles that don't make it to the finish line), winding the propellers is too difficult for younger boys.

Raingutter Regatta:
Pro's - A fun summer activity, fairly easy to build.
Con's - Boys get frustrated with difficulty of blowing the boat to the finish line, masts and especially keels are too fragile for younger boys.

ContributorFerdinand Tretter


Date Entered26-Aug-2003

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