Wheel Performance


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TitleWheel Performance

CategorySpeed Tips

CommentWheel performance is key to a smoother and faster running car. Radial and lateral run-out (up and down/side to side movement of the wheel) slows down your project car, causing it to vibrate and shimmy and constantly changing the car's center of gravity. You can verify each wheel's condition by spinning it on one of the axles provided in the kit. Be sure the axle is free of burrs and is smooth. If the wheel runs very smoothly and for a considerable amount of time, mark it and set it aside as a good one. Check all four this way. If you have one or two "wobbly" wheels, install them on the lightest end of the car. This will reduce their effect. If you have more than that, consider purchasing a second kit and use the best 4 wheels from both. Another alternative would be using a drill press with a decent block of wood clamped to the table. Using a spade bit the same size as the wheel diameter, drill deep enough to center the wheel. (1/4"-3/8") Place the wheel face down in the fixture. Using a drill bit (the same diameter as the axle hole) at a high RPM, hold the wheel in place and run the bit down through it slowly. This will help re-establish the axle centerline to the wheel's centerline. If the wheel fits loosley in the fixture, this will not be very effective.

ContributorFerdinand Tretter


Date Entered10-Feb-2004

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