Car Design and Weight Placement


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TitleCar Design and Weight Placement

CategoryBuilding the Vehicle

CommentMy sons' cars typically do very well. We are in a big pack, and the last two years, my sons (different one each year) won first place in the entire pack.

1. We use the wedge design. I ask them each year, "Do you want to build a car to try to win, or do you want to build a car that looks cool?" Guess which they pick.

2. I have found that weights placed on the bottom and in the back seem to make the car faster. I use a dremel tool to dig out an area on the bottom between the axels to place the "official scout weight" lead block. Then I drill a 3/4 inch hole (wood bit) in the back right over the center of the rear axel slot. That is the perfect size for dropping in pennies. I then use BBs and hot glue to bring the weight up to just under 5 oz. Finally, cover the hole with some type of plastic canopy.

Anyway, that's what I do, and you can't argue with the success.

ContributorFerdinand Tretter


Date Entered20-Oct-2003

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