A Certificate for Everyone


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TitleA Certificate for Everyone

CategoryManage a Race

CommentWe found a great way to make sure all our kids get recognized after the race. We have trophies for the fastest cars, but we also have an adult assigned to create an award certificate for every car entered in the race.
This has really helped the esteem of boys who don't have a lot of support from parents or who for whatever reason need recognition.
Here is how we do it.
We pre-print enough certificates for every car that will be in the race. After the cars are all weighed in and the race is started, one person judges all of the cars, and fills out a certificate for it.
For example, the following titles are often used:
Coolest Paint Job
Funniest Looking
Most Realistic
Most Creative
Most Original
Most Aero-Dynamic
Best Block
Best Wedge Car
Best Paint Job
Shiniest Car
Best Car That's Not a Car
Best Flames
Best Accessories
Thinnest Car
Tallest Car
Scariest Car
Best Jungle Car
Best Law Enforcement Car

...and so on.

Sometimes the judge has to get a little creative with the titles, but even this goes over really well as the proud boy is called up to receive his certificate. Here are some of the more creative titles:
Most Whale-like
Most Polka-Dots
Most Environmentally-Friendly
Most Colors

ContributorFerdinand Tretter


Date Entered21-Aug-2003

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