What Kind of Weights?


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TitleWhat Kind of Weights?

CategorySpeed Tips

CommentYou can use anything for weights.
Many craft stores and pinewood derby supply websites sell special weights for cars that are easy to apply because they have self-sticking tape on them.
You can drill a hole in the car and fill the hole with fishing weights or BB's.
My Tiger Cub's first car had torpedo-shaped fishing weights glued right to the top of his car - he painted them red and told everyone they were his jet engines!
I've also seen cars with coins taped to the tops, or with large screws driven into their tops to get the weight just right. Not very elegant, but quite practical.
Another idea is to drill a 3/4 hole in the bottom of the car and glue pennies into the hole.
Some people recommend using lead fishing wire (used for bass fishing). But lead is poisonous if fumes are inhaled or otherwise entered into the body. It is usually better to use some safer material because kids will end up playing with the cars after the race.

ContributorFerdinand Tretter


Date Entered29-Aug-2003

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