How to Make Sure Axles are Straight


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TitleHow to Make Sure Axles are Straight

CategorySpeed Tips

CommentThe slots on the bottom of the pinewood derby car are usually not perfectly perpendicular to the block. That means the car will track crookedly, increasing contact with the track and slowing down.
Use a carpenter's square to check the slots. Are they exactly 90 degrees from the side of the car block? (You can use any perfectly square object to check this.)
Put the wheels on and roll the car on the floor. It should be able to go atleast 10 feet without pulling to one side or the other. If it pulls, it needs an 'alignment'.
use a drill press to drill new axle holes for the axles. The drill press will keep things perfectly perpendicular.

ContributorFerdinand Tretter


Date Entered29-Aug-2003

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