Setting wheels


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TitleSetting wheels

CategoryBuilding the Vehicle

CommentWhen you set wheels,you are essentially "nailing" the wheel in place with an axle(nail). Fine you can do the right side of the car no problem, but when you start to do the left side of the car, by "nailing" in the other axle and wheel you are putting hammering pressure on the first two wheels. You tend to push the first side's wheels out of place by hammering on the second side. Build a wheel setting template: a 1X4 board with a 1 1/2" hole drilled in it. Set the opposing wheel in the hole and the car rests on the car body and not the opposing wheel. Now when you "nail" in the opposing wheel axle you don't disturb the set of the first side's wheels and axles.

ContributorThe Unknown Scout


Date Entered27-Aug-2011

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