Speed Work the Axle Heads


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TitleSpeed Work the Axle Heads

CategorySpeed Tips

CommentTwo points of friction generation often overlooked between the wheels and the axles is at the head of the axle nail.

To reduce the friction between the inner head face and the wheel, chuck the axle in a drill or drill press (best) and use a fine craft file to dress approximately a 5-10 degree angle on the inner head face. This will eliminate a flat-to-flat condition and make the wheel contact point-to-point. Polishing the shaft and inner face with fine emery cloth, followed with crocus cloth and then polishing compound will make it spin freely. With graphite dry-lube, wheels will spin for over 15-20 seconds with a finger flick while holding the nail vertically.

The Outer Diameter of the nail head is also often out of round and can rub against the small wheel ribs on the outside of the wheel. Use the above set-up and also file about 0.040-0.080" (1-2 mm) off the Axle head OD.

For speed, the work is in the axles and wheels.

ContributorJ Osborne


Date Entered16-Jan-2009

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