Denner Investiture


Denner Investiture


Cub Scout _________, will you please step forward and light our candle. This candle represents the spirit of scouting. It takes team effort to keep the spirit alive, to keep the candle burning. You have just been choosen a member of that team. As denner, you duties are to assist the den and leader, arrive 15 early and leave 15 minutes late. During the week you will set a good example for the other members in our den by being honest and fair, and showing true scouting spirit. Do you accept these responsibilities? Scout answers: Yes, I will do my best. Den Leader, pin the denner cord on the new denner.


Denner cord, white candle, matches Outgoing Denner holds the candle while the new Denner lights the candle


I slightly changed the Denner ceremony from the BSA Den and Pack Ceremony Book.

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