Dangerous Driving


Dangerous Driving


four chairs, 1-2 blankets, sombrero


set chairs like in a car(2 in front and 2 in back). give 1 kid a sombrero to where. give each kid in the back a blanket or just give one to the kid in a sombrero. PRACTICE YOUR LINES!!!


5 kids-1 is a police officer(not in the car), and 4 scouts pretending to be adults: 1 back seat person is "sleeping" and the other in the sombraro is a mexican under a blanket. You hear the police siren(the police can make that noise)and the person in the drivers seat makes motions to show that he/she pulled over. DRIVER-whats the problem officer? POLICE OFFICER-there's no problem. I just noticed that you were the 500th person today t be wearing a seat belt so now you get $5000 from the national safety commity! What will you do with your winnings? DRIVER- 1st I'm gonna get my drivers liscense, then I'm gonna pay off my debts! (the police officer gives his a suprised look) PASSENGER SEAT PERSON-please excuse my friend, he talks big when he's under the influence(or you can say drunk) SLEEPING PERSON-(WAKES UP)(suprised) OH NO!!! A cop! I knew we wouldn't get too far in a stolen car!!! COVERED SOMBRARO PERSON- (uncovers blanket slightly)Have we crossed the border yet amigos?


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