Cup and a Quarter Stunt


Cup and a Quarter Stunt


5 styrofoam/paper cups 5 coins(quarters work best) 5 blind folds 1 tall glass of water


Cut the bottom out of one of the cups


The patrol that is running this picks five scouts. They have them stand in front of everyone. One scout explains that their task is very easy. All they have to do is drop the coin into the cup. The scout running this demonstrates with a cup with a bottom. He is blindfolded, a coin balanced on his nose and the cup is placed in the waist band of his pants. He explains no hands allowed. He then drops his head and tries to get the coin into a cup with a bottom. Then you get your five scouts together that you picked and blind fold them and give them the coin. After all of them are blinfolded place the cup in thier waist band of their shorts/pants. Give the first four guys the cups with the bottoms, but the last guy the one without the bottom. Tell each one on the count of three drop it in your cup. Make sure you do them one at a time. The first four guys try. But then on the fifth guy you say one...two... at this time a scout that was hiding with the tall glass of water pours it into the cup without the bottom. It is funny to see their reaction since they were not expecting water down their legs. After it is all over give the coins to the participants.


Jeffrey Paulson


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