Signs #1-19 (see skit or adapt according to your group) This skit is good for a medium to large group. Crews were chosen according to groups at day camp.


Prepare the signs and number/label it in a corner or on the back. Select or ask for volunteers for the roles. You'll need at least 1 Leader & 1 Foreman (but you can have a couple more and these can be boy or adults). The group will line up and invite audience participation at the appropriate time. Make sure they're holding it right-side-up!


A leader approaches the project manager at the construction site. FOREMAN: Woah. (Sir/Ma’am) This is a construction zone is a hard hat area. Read the sign (pointing to the sign). (#1: Cub Scout Day Camp.) We don’t want any accidents or casualties, so I’m going to have to ask you to leave. LEADER: I just wanted to know what they were building in there. FOREMAN: It’s top secret. (#2: Shhh!) (#3: Rrr, Rrr, Rrr!) They both hear a noise. LEADER: What was that? FOREMAN: Oh, that’s just the LANDSCAPERS. They both hear another noise. (#4: Zip, Zip, Zup!) LEADER: What was that? FOREMAN: That’s must the CONTRACTORS. They continue to hear noises. The leader wonders what it is and the Foreman responds… (#5: Bam, bam bam!) “CARPENTERS” (#6: Swish, swish, swash!) “PAINTERS.” (#7: Honk, beep, beep!) “ROAD CREW.” (#8: Click, click, click!) “ENGINEERS.” (#9: Hmmm!) “DESIGNERS.” (#10: Tink, tink, tink!) “IRON WORKERS.” (#11: Scribble, scribble, scribble!) “SURVEYORS.” (#12: Shlip, shlap, shlop!) “STONE MASONS.” (#13: Bzz, bzz, bzz!) “ELECTRICIANS.” (#14: Crinkle, crinkle, crinkle!) “ARCHITECTS.” (#15: Whew!) “WALKING LEADERS.” (#16: Hooray!) “DAY CAMP LEADERS.” (#17: Flush, flush, flush!) “RESTROOMS.” (#18: DING!) FOREMAN: That’s my lunch break! LEADER: You still can’t tell me what they’re building in there? FOREMAN: Well, since we’re just about done, I’ll tell you…. (#19: Rumble with feet or hands on lap) Just then, they hear a rumbling noise getting louder. FOREMAN: LOOK OUT! WE’RE BUILDING CUB SCOUTS!!! The boys run and chase the leaders off the stage.


Lisa Wintrode


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