open space at a pack meeting


discuss with webelow leaders and committee members who are not den leaders efore doing. this skit will improve fellowship of adult leaders. it is too old for cubscouts to understnd but adults will laugh


Cubmaster: Please have webelow leaders join me up front Committee members too who are not den leaders. Cubmaster to audience: Back in 1970, Den Leaders needed to be calm, poised and balanced to work with active boys. They were asked to do the following steps. Lets see if current den leders can pass these steps. All den leaders form a line in front of me and face left. the first step is remain calm so to put both hands on your hips and walk in a straight line for about 10 steps. now that you have completed the first part. Turn around and this time put both hand on your head to show you have poise and walk 10 steps (just like if you had a book on your head). now that you have completed step two lets try the real hard part,which is balance. This time you put one hand on your head and the other hand on your hip and take 10 steps. "ready go" (On the Fourth step the cubmaster and other adults not in the line sing 'There she goes Miss America" end of skit


robert fulford


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