Cuban Burgers


Cuban Burgers


1/4 lb ground beef per scout 2 eggs per 1 lb of hamburger hamburger buns mayonnaise garlic powder onion soup mix 1/2 lb sliced ham swiss cheese (sliced)


heat source large iron skillet or griddle tin foil covered bricks


fold the eggs and onion soup mix in with the hamburger meat and form patties. Pan fry the patties until about medium well and top with ham and swiss cheese slices Mix about 1 tsp of garlic powder with 1 cup of mayonnaise and spread on hamburger buns. Remove hamburgers from skillet and place on buns. Place the fully built burgers and buns back into skillet and (2 at a time), press with the tin foil covered bricks. Serve


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Hearty, savory, and filling, I've never failed to impress with this fund to make and even more fun to eat dish.


Andrew Norman


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