Cub Scout Land Before Time


Cub Scout Land Before Time


Club and Costume for Cave Cub, Wings for Pteradactyl, Costume for Long Neck the Wolf-osaur, Bag Mask for Tyranno-Bear-Us, Sign for Bug and Tar Pit, Pretend Bottle of Bug and Tar Remover, Sound Effects for Thunder Storm, Sign for Sleeping Tyranno-Bear-Us


Put up signs ahead of time


Narrator (Den Chief): Long ago, in a pack far, far, away, a Cub Scout Den was out for a hike. The Cub Scout Den Leader, an ambitious man, was determined to show his boys the whole forest. In his haste to show his many boys everything there was to see in the dimly lit forest, he failed to notice that one of them (Doug) was not keeping up with the others, having tripped and fallen by the wayside. 21st Century Cub Scout (Doug): Oh fiddlesticks! I’m lost! Or maybe my den is lost! Either way, I have to find my den. Guess I better get moving! Narrator: Without knowing where his den was, Doug stumbles through the dark forest toward a bright opening. He walks into the opening, and falls into…..the Cub Scout Land Before Time! Wandering in this strange new world, he spies another boy, dressed like Fred Flintstone and carrying a club! None other than Cave Cub with a Club! (Cave Cub Enters) Doug: Who are you?! Cave Cub: Me Cave Cub with Club! Who you? Doug: I got lost in a 21st century forest, walked toward an opening, and ended up here! How can I get back to my own den and home? Cave Cub: Must get magic tooth from Tyranno-bear--us. Doug: But where am I going to find a Tyranno-bear-us? Cave Cub: Must ride Long Neck the Wolfosaurus. He take you to Tyranno-Bear-Us. I must go now—need to club my supper! (Cave Cub Leaves. Long Neck the Wolfosaurus enters.) Doug: Can you lower your neck a little bit, wolfosaurus, so I can get on? Wolfosaurus (bending down): Aaa—oooooooooooooo! (Thunder storm sound effects) Narrator: As Doug travels on the Wolfosaurus, a thunder storm rages! Suddenly, out of nowhere, a pteradactyl attacks Doug and his Long Necked friend. Fearful for its life, the Wolfosaurus rears his head, and Doug falls---right into the dreaded Bug and Tar Pit! Doug: This is just great. Right in the middle of a thunderstorm, stuck in a pit full of sticky tar and bugs! Wonder what century they’ll find my body in?! Narrator: Out of nowhere, Cave Cub with a Club arrives. (Cave Cub enters.) Cave Cub: Doug—you OK? Doug: Yes, but I can’t get out of here—I’m stuck in the middle of a buggy tar pit! Cave Cub: Never fear, modern friend. Cave cub with Club always prepared, like all Scouts. Me have Bug and Tar Remover! (Cave Cub pours Bug and Tar Remover into pit. Doug climbs out.) Doug: Thank you, Cave Cub! Now where is that Tyranno-Bear-Us? I really must get back to my own century before my Den Leader knows that I am gone! Narrator: Our two heroes get back on the Wolfosaurus and continue their journey. Up ahead on a mountain, they spy the sleeping Tyranno-Bear-Us! As Doug tries to pull the Magic Tooth, the Tyranno-Bear-Us wakes up! Doug: Aaaaahhhhh!! Cave Cub with a Club: Quick—Tell Tyranno-Bear-Us a joke! Doug: Why did the dinosaur cross the road? Tyranno-Bear-Us: Righ Ront Row?! Doug: Because there weren’t any chickens yet! Tyranno-Bear-Us: Ra-ra-ha-ra-ra!! (Tyranno-Bear-Us, continues to laugh very hard.) Narrator: The Tyranno-Bear-Us laughs so hard, he falls off his mountain, knocking his jaw on a rock, and losing his Magic Tooth. Doug grabs the Magic Tooth. But nothing happens! Cave Cub: Doug—me forgot to tell you-you could have gone home any time--just click heels together three times and say, “There’s no plays like your own….” Doug: There’s no plays like your own—there’s no plays like your own—there’s no plays like your own! Narrator: Suddenly, Doug is back with his den in a 21st century forest. Den Leader: Ok, let’s end our rest break, and finish our hike! Doug: Oh, brother! THE END


Wolf Den Pack 263, Mount Joy, PA


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