Notepad, pencil, 6 scouts


Make sure the third dead man isn't near the other two. Rehearse it at least twice.


(Three scouts are standing around, two are right next to each other and one is off to the right. A man comes out and shoots all of them dead and then runs away. Two men come out after a few seconds.) Man 1: Ok, write this down, the first man died in a ditch, (Man 2 gets down next to the body and starts writing), That's D-I-T-C-H. Man 1: (Walks over to the second dead body) Let it be knwon that the second man, died in a ditch. D-I-T-C-H. (They walk over to the last dead body, which is further away from the others) "OK, now the third man died on the boulavard. That's B-O-U, no B-O-L, umm... (The 2 men pick up the body and drag it next to the others) "The third man died in a ditch, that's D-I-T-C-H.




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