Crows and Cranes

Crows and Cranes

Crows and Cranes


Split the group into two teams. Designate one side as crows and the other as cranes. Teams will face each other across the center line 2-3 feet apart. Game leader will call out the name of a team like, "Crrrrrrrows!" or, "Crrrrrrranes!" and that team must run back to their side, and if they are tagged by the other team before they get to their safe zone, they switch sides. If a person moves and the game leader call hasn't called out a team name (he could call out crabs or crashes to throw people off) then they must switch teams.


Game ends win everyone is on one team. You could score it as the last person on a team wins; the team with everyone on it wins; or have the people that changed teams the least amount of times win.

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Crows and Cranes

Crows and Cranes Crows and Cranes


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