Crowdvance Fundraising Online


Crowdvance Fundraising Online

Accept donations online easily and in under one minute with a unique, customizable fundraising page through Crowdvance. All of your donors are rewarded with specialty deals to our national brand partners, for example your donors will receive discounted sp


We give booster clubs the ability to accept donations online through customizable fundraising pages and incentivize donations by rewarding donors with specialty discounts to national brands that we’ve partnered with. Instead of donating $10 for a box of cookies, donors will be rewarded with discounted tickets to anything from NFL games to concerts through one of our partners, as well as a number of other great deals, all for making a donation. Plus, since our partners are national and the whole process is online, family and friends from all over the country can support the fundraisers on our platform. We know that costs are always an important factor, so the really nice thing is that there are absolutely zero setup fees or out of pocket expenses associated with fundraising through Crowdvance, it’s completely free to get started. There’s only a small service fee that’s deducted from donations received, which allows for higher profit margins than with traditional fundraisers.

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