Cross Over


Cross Over


Webelos Den Leader or Cubmaster(WDL) calls the boys and parents who are to crossover to the front. WDL turns to the Boy Scouts and calls. "Hello in the Camp." The OA Member and Senior Patrol Leader/Troop Guide (SPL/TG) comes into the light,"Great Akela what is your wish." WDL: "I have scouts that wish to enter your camp." OA Member and SPL/TG cross the bridge and stand next to the WDL. OA Member: "What coups has these Scouts" WDL counts the boys coups " accomplishment" example: Danny you came to us as a Tiger and earned the first of your many awards. You earned the Tiger Badge, Bobcat Badge and Wolf Badge with 1 gold and 3 silver arrowheads. Danny has earned the Bear Badge with 1 gold and 2 silver arrowheads. You earned the Webelos Badge with compass and 2 points and the Arrow of Light Award. You attended 3 Day Camps and 2 Webelos Resident Camps. Hiked the Gettysburg National Historical Trail and sleep with the Boy Scouts on the Klondike. Danny has won the Pack Pinewood Derby once and his den's derby 2 times. He has passed the Boy Scout Swim Test and has showen great spirt. We will miss Danny for he has been with us for many years. After each boys coups are counted, the OA member turns to the boys and says: "Akela has great words for you, we are honored to include at our campfire. This is the Senior Patrol Leader/Troop Guide he will be your guide until you reach First Class Scout. Crossover with him to a new adventure." WDL removes the boys Blue Epaulets and Webelos Neckerchief and gives them to the parents. The SPL/TG walks each boy over the bridge to the SM or ASM. SPL/TG: " We welcome you to Troop 123 and to the Eagle Patrol. This will be your home in Scouting." The SM or ASM puts on the red epaulets and Troop Neckerchief. SPL/TG: " Our meeting night is Tuesday at 7:00 PM"


1 Wooden Bridge 1 Fake fire 1 OA Member in Indian Regala 1 Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster Webelos Den Leader or Cubmaster Senior Patrol Leader or Troop Guide


Troop may provide the following: Red Epaulets,Troop Neckerchief or Handbook. Some troops do not have OA members on the Dance Team. The Soutmaster can contact the OA Lodge Dance Chief and get a volinteer to come and do the ceremony. This takes about 2 weeks advance notice.

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