Cranberry Corn Bread


Cranberry Corn Bread


2 Boxes "Jiffy" Corn Bread Mix, 1 Box Yellow Cake Mix, Dried Cranberries, and all additional ingredients according to directions on the boxes (eggs, oil, butter, etc.) Crisco, cooking oil, or butter to grease Dutch Oven


1 Dutch Oven,Large bowl to mix ingredients.


Melt butter lightly and let cool slightly, add water and oil to butter and mix, add eggs and mix. Add dry contents one box at a time, mixing each time. Grease Dutch Oven and pour mixture into the Dutch Oven. Slow cook on coals (top & bottom) for 15-20 minutes or until sides of the cornbread start to seperate form the Dutch Oven.


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If coals are too hot the bottom and sides may burn and middle may not be fully cooked. If this should this happen remove from coals leaving coals on top and replace as needed to cook the top. When the center is firm to the touch, the cornbread is done. You will find this to be one of the moistest sweet tasting cornbread yet!. ENJOY!... We Did!


Ferdinand Tretter


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