Cramerton Greenway, Cramerton NC


Cramerton Greenway, Cramerton NC


Eagle Project Summary For my Eagle Scout Project I plan to build a greenway connecting the Cramerton Village Townhouse Development on US 29/74, Wilkinson Boulevard to the Cramerton Park and Recreation, C.B. Huss Recreation Complex, 1 Julian St., Cramerton NC 28032. First, I plan to clear and level a path. This path will utilize part of the existing path adjacent to the Duke Energy right-of-way. This trail is approximately 775’ X 10’ wide. Second, I will set up a border of timbers on both sides of the trail. Third, the trail will be filled in with compacted surface material for durability. Fourth, construct a set of steps at the Cramerton Village Townhouse Development for access to the greenway. The group benefits from my project because this trail is a part of a larger Greenway project that will connect many parts of Cramerton and Gaston County. Greenways are beneficial for all residents because it gets people out of their homes and exercising more often. This will also benefit the transportation issues presented today allowing residents to get around Cramerton easier without a vehicle. Greenways * Help preserve the biological diversity of plant and animal species by maintaining the connections between natural communities. * Soften urban and suburban landscapes with ribbons of green that improve the quality of life and enhance property values. * Help protect the quantity and quality of water, a natural resource vital to people, plants and wildlife. * Direct development and growth away from important natural resource areas. * Provide alternative transportation routes that connect people, communities and the countryside. * Act as outdoor classrooms. Project Details Plan your work by describing the present condition, the method, materials to be used, project helpers, and a time schedule for carrying out the project, the estimated cost of the project, and how the needed funds will be obtained. Describe any safety hazards you might face, and explain how you will ensure the safety of those carrying out the project. If appropriate, include photographs of the area before you begin your project. Providing before-and-after photographs of your project area can give a clear example of your effort. Cramerton Village Greenway My Eagle Project is a greenway trail which connects the Cramerton Village Townhouse Development on US 29/74 Wilkinson Blvd. to the Cramerton Town Public Works House near the C.B. Huss Recreation Complex, Cramerton Community Center, 1 Julian St., Cramerton, NC 28032. This greenway is to utilize the existing cleared utility right-of-way that connects the C.B. Huss Recreation Complex lot to the Cramerton Village Subdivision. Mr. Cam Carpenter, Parks and Recreation Director, and Mr. Michael Peoples, Town Manager, will be the people I will work the specific details out with. I have emailed both and will continue to be in close contact with both men throughout the project. I have met with these two men on two separate meetings to go over the project and discussed details of this project. I have asked my friends in South Point High School, specifically the body wellness class to help me with this project. They are all willing to do any volunteer work needed to get this project done. Refreshments will be provided for these volunteers. The more experienced labor will be donated by the Town of Cramerton’s Parks and Recreation Dept. The Town is also providing manpower and equipment. Some of this equipment that I will be supervising will be a backhoe, bush hog, and a box blade to expedite some of the clearing. For this trail I will need compacted surface material such as pit gravel. I will also need timbers along both sides of the trail. With this size project comes safety, which is no little matter given the equipment needed to do such a project. I will be getting an experienced adult to drive the equipment and operate any motorized equipment. Gloves and eye protection will be worn. My fundraiser will be a raffle ticket for $1.00 which will include such items as a TV., MP3 Player., and Games. I hope to raise around $1,000.00 with the raffle tickets. I have applied for grants which I feel very positive about. The grants, which I have applied for, are with Lowe’s Home Improvement Store for $5,000. and Kodak Company for $2,000. The printing of the tickets will be donated. I have several companies, which I plan to contact for donations. I also plan on having as much labor volunteered as possible. I have made a signup sheet at South Point High School with email and phone numbers to expedite the communication process. The estimated time of my project is between four to six weeks. The majority of the work will be done on Saturdays. The first week I will sell my raffle tickets and order my supplies. I will schedule my delivery of timbers on the second week. Third week I will have my volunteers help to lay out the timbers along the cleared path which was donated time by the town during week one and two. The forth week I will schedule my delivery of the compact material and organize the backhoe driver from the Town of Cramerton. I will also have my volunteers from school on this week four to help with the shoveling of the material after the backhoe drops the material on the path. Week Four and Five will consist of setting up the steps at the beginning of the path were the residents at Cramerton Village live. This will be made out of the same timbers as the path outline and the experienced labor may be donated. I will be organizing the labor and delivery of materials to expedite this project. For labor I plan to use friends, family, scouts, town’s employees and professionals. I will advertise this project in the Gaston Gazette, Belmont Banner, and the Charlotte Observer. This will help when I raise money with the raffle tickets. Detailed Cost Sheet : For a grand total, add the total number of hours you spent on the project to the total number of hours others worked on the project: ____374.65__________ The economy has turned very tough everywhere including the greenway project. Funds for the project lower than anticipated and I had to make the following changes. I sold raffle tickets but only had a raffle for a TV (19”). I also made candy bags and sold them at the Downtown Belmont Summer Fun which brought in about 57.00. I didn’t win the grants and this also changed the dynamics of the project such that the 10’ wide was reduced to 6’ wide thus saving on landscaping fabric. We didn’t figure our original plan with brackets or landscaping fabric but as we got into the project we realized we needed these items. The landscaping was for weed prevention on the grass area and the brackets were needed to prevent the wood from separating. We had a donation from Lowes for the flowers at the entrance. It looks nice with flowers on both sides of the entrance. The mulch which was added at the entrance where the Cramerton Village houses are located help residents to walk up and down the steep path. This path was donated by the City of Gastonia for a program called “ Make a Difference Day”. This helped with the hill and retention of water. The delivery of the mulch was made possible by my step-dad, Eddy Pardo. I had some vandalism and this cost me extra because I had to buy the brackets to replace the damaged ones. I also learned a lot about making a greenway and the labor it takes to accomplish such a large task. I was very happy to see a jogger using the path and girl’s walking to the CB Huss Bldg. I wanted to do this project for all the residents in Cramerton and it makes me happy to see them use it. Steve Croft from the town of Cramerton, Park and Rec, helped me with the delivery of the stone onto the path. I tried using a wheel barrow but that was more labor intense than I had. I hope that the residents find this greenway a useful path to the CB Huss Bldg. I would like to thank the following people for making this project happen. Mr. Michael Peoples, Town of Cramerton, Mgr. Mr. Cam Carpenter, Park and Rec Dir. , Town of Cramerton Steve Croft, park and rec town of Cramerton Donations from the residents of the Town of Cramerton My Mom and Step-dad, Eddy and Debra Pardo My sisters, Colleen and Courtney Good friends, Josh Munn, Shelby, Dan Biggerstaff Ryan Brennan Ryan E Brennan Troop 55, Belmont NC 28012


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