Crack the DEW Line

Crack the DEW line

Crack the DEW Line


Enough neckerchiefs to blindfold one team. A DEW line is a Distant Early Warning line used to detect approaching enemy.


Split the players into two groups. Designate one as the DEW line, and the other as the aggressors. The DEW line scouts will line up, blindfolded, and extend their legs so their feet are touching. Each DEW line scout has two depth charges - their hands. They will hold them at shoulder height, and if they hit an aggressor, that aggressor is out, and the depth charge is still good. If they miss, the depth charge is gone, and they must put their hand on their knee. The aggressors will try to crawl past the DEW line. After 5 minutes, change teams.


The team that gets the most aggressors past the DEW line wins.

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Crack the DEW line

Crack the DEW line Crack the DEW Line


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