Pinewood Derby Secrets and Tips Index index
Lube it or Loose it!
Setting wheels
Make Your Own Reflective Windows from Old Credit Cards
Model Using Plastic Packaging
Super Graphite Axle Prep
Speed Work the Axle Heads
Identify trouble wheels - wheel spin test
Wheel hubs
Cutting axles for holding graphite
Adding axle performance
Graphite patch between wheel and car body
Axle Drilling Advanced Tip
Increasing Potential Energy
Wheel Polishing and Shaping
Axle Polishing and Embedding Graphite
A Low-Budget Scoring Solution
Use Graphite
Weighted Wheels
Reduced wheel friction
5.0 ounces
Substitute for lead weght
Using bigger materials
an inch ahead
Wheel hub contact area
fast wheels
Weight Tip
adjusting weight
The perfect template using your photo scanner
Axle Polishing
Which is better? Raingutter, Space or Pinewood
Correcting bad tracking
Fun Car for adults
adding weight without butchery
Girl Scouts Too
Polishing Axles
Parent's Helper to Independent Inventor
Adding weights
Graphite on Car
Grind wheels together
Same wheels get faster each year
Balsa wood fenders
Fun Run
Securing Axles
Axle Wheel Spin
Reduced Friction
Wheel Performance
Wheel Spinner
Other activities
Graphite to Wheels/ with Paper Towel
No Paint Here
Geezer Derby
Car Design and Weight Placement
Side Weights
Fast and Easy way to add weight to the car.
Where to Blow
Keel and Rudder Placement
Center of Gravity
Sail Height
Six Points of Friction
How Many Rules?
Car Ideas
Decals and Stickers
Gloss Finish
Sanding Tips
What Kind of Weights?
Where to Put the Weight
Five Ounce Weight Limit
Glue Axles in Place
How to Make Sure Axles are Straight
Tilted Axles
Axle Grooves
Use a drill to spin the axles
Axle Polishing
Seating Arrangements
Grudge Match
A Pinewood Derby Heat for Dads
Car Building Workshop
Early Weigh-In
Wider car body
Three wheels on the track
Are aeordynamics important?
How much should the boy do?
Pinewood vs Space vs Raingutter
Graphite Fastest on 2nd Run
A Certificate for Everyone
Hotwheels Building Method
Graphite vs. Teflon Powder