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stay true to yourself
One Line Riddles
Brave Looks Different On The Inside
A Good Turn Turns into Good
The Benediction
Organized Chaos
When Tradition meets Tommorrow
Looking Professional
To New Leaders
Sharing Leadership Experience
The Parable of The Coal-Maker
Developing Personal Responsibility
I Am
World, Take My Son By the Hand
Scouting Uniform
The Two Wolves
Always a Leader
Grandfather's Question
Ordrer Of The Arrow Minute
Personal Fitness
Failure teaches Success
Indian Chief and Two Sons
Doing Your Best
How To Catch A Herd Of Elephants
Getting scouts to follow SPL at meetings
A Scout’s Map and Compass
Eveyrone is the Arch's Keystone
Values 2
Scouting is like a Golf Ball
I Can Stop It Anytime (Dynamite)
Great One
The Goose Story
Commitment To Excellence
Jamboree Tales
Scoutmaster of Troop 23 Schenectady
NASA and the Indian Chief
The Butterfly
The Eagle and the Chickens
Outside Influences
Boy Scouts Are Like Tea Bags
What Would You Do
Don't be a crab
Leadership Thoughts
Shoot for the Moon
Most Important Word
The Letter
Another Year At Camp
Two Choices
The Scout Sign
The Carpenter
Brick by Brick
It Is So Easy
Happy For A Lifetime
The Wise Man
The Pledge of Allegiance
Choose a Door
Attitude, Aptitude, and Altitude
Wheel Spoke
Veterans Day
Service to Others
The Rock in the Sandbox
Scouting - Outing
The Bridge Builder
The Men Who Signed the Declaration of Independence
A chain
A Salute
Always - Look Up
Assistant Scoutmaster
Last Best Great Hope For America
The hawk
Our Moral Compass
Dog Scouts
Positive Attitude
Explore. Dream. Discover.
I Am Your Flag
Rite of Manhood
Stars to Steer By
Life's Choices
The Star Thrower
The Starfish
Learn Some New Tricks
The fire