1 plate, 4 scouts, a newspaper or rolled up piece of paper




A scout walks into an inn and goes up to the manager to ask for a room. A scout posing as a dog is laying down or crouching right next to the inn keeper. The inn keeper says he has one room left. The scout takes it. A narrator comes on and says "Next Day, breakfast." The man looks like he is eating something on a plate when he suddenly stops and looks disgusted. He takes the plate up to the inn keeper and says, "This plate is nasty! It has junk all over it!" The innkeeper replies, "It's as clean as coldwater can get it." The narrator comes on again and says, "Same Day, Lunch." Basically do the same thing as breakfast saying that the plate is nasty and the innkeeper saying, "It's as clean as coldwater can get it" Narrator says "Same Day, Dinner." Same thing. Make sure the innkeeper says "It's as clean as coldwater can get it," at the end of every meal. Narrator says "Next Day, Early Morning" The guest goes out to get the newspaper when the innkeeper's dog (played by a scout) starts barking wildly at the man. The man calls to the innkeeper and says, "Tell Your dog to let me back inside and stop barking please!!" The innkeeper yells at the dog and says, "COLDWATER, STOP BARKING THIS INSTANT AND LET THE MAN THROUGH!!!!!" Guarantees laughs. Have performed this many times and had laughs at each one. Happy performing and good luck.


Corey Anderson


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