Coffee House


Coffee House


2 scouts


Practice 1 or 2 times before going on


Cashier- How may I help you? Scout- Um... I'll have a hot chocolate. Cashier- O.K., what kind of cup? Scout- What? Cashier- (says slower this time) What kind of cup? Plastic or glass? Scout- Plastic. Cashier- O.K., straw? Scout- Who drinks hot chocolate with a straw? Cashier- Oh, everyone! Bendy or straight? Scout- Whatever, straight is fine. Cashier- Now, marshmallows? Scout- (kind of upset) Sure. Cashier- How many? Scout- What? Cashier- How many, 1,2,3,4-- Cashier is cut off. Scout- Forget it, just give me a glass of milk! Cashier- O.K., regular, or low fat? Scout- Oh!(Walks out) Cashier- What was his problem?


Ferdinand Tretter


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