(This was written for 10 boys, but it would work for more or less also.)


A group of boys are lying on their backs looking upward. Boy #1: “Look!” He points upward. “That one looks like a rooster wearing a top hat.” Boy #2: “Hey!” He also points upward. “There’s an elephant on roller skates.” Boy #3: “Look! That’s an alligator driving a school bus!” Boy #4: “Skinny Santa Clause!” Boy #5: “There’s Darth Vader doing the limbo!” Boy #6: “That one looks like cotton candy!” Some of the boys lift their heads to look at boy #6, so he adds- “Being eaten by a blue dragon!” Boy #7: “Oooh look! It’s a one-eared Mickey Mouse with a chainsaw! The boys on either side of boy #7 scoot a little further away from him. Boy #8: “Hey, It’s a Bear in a tuxedo!” Boys #9 and #10 walk into the scene. Boy #9: “What are you guys doing?” Boy #1: “Using our imaginations to find clouds that look like different things.” Boys #9 and #10 look up and then at each other. Boy #10: “Um, you know you’re inside, lying on a floor, right? There are no clouds in here.” Boy #1: “Like I said, we’re using our I M A G I N A T I O N S. DUH! The two boys look at each other, shrug, and join the rest of the boys on the floor.


The Unknown Scout


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