Clothes Shop


Clothes Shop


Shirt,pants,hat,socks,shoes and long underwear(or shorts)


You can use however many items as you need to suit the number of boys you have


2 boys (a shopkeeper and assistant) enter from one side and another boy from the other side. The shopkeeper asks the 3rd boy, "Hey would you like to open a store?" The boy says "sure" and the Assistant pretends to hit him and carries him out of view. The Assitant comes back and a customer walks in and asks for an item. The Shopkeeper tells his Assistant, "Guido go get ____(the name of item)." Guido says, "Yeeeesssss masssssstteeerrr." He walks offstage and you here screams like "Hey, don't take that!" or "shhhhhhuuuutttt uuuuupppp uuuuuuuu." Then Guido comes out with that item (repeat until all items are left except long underwear). Then when a boy asks for long underwear the boy from in back runs out in his long underwear screaming "no not my long underwear!" through the stage and of the other side


SPL John Kochay


Score of 2.7 from 48 reviews.

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