Christopher Columbus


Christopher Columbus


(CHORUS) Oh, please Mr. Columbus, turn the ship around I wanna be able to feel my two feet on the ground. Oh why'd ya tell Isabella that the world was round. Oh please Mr. Columbus, turn the ship around. In fourteen hundred ninety two three ships sailed out to sea The Nina, and the Pinta, and the Santa Marie. And as they sailed the stormy seas that mad historic day. A way up in the crow's nest you can hear Luigi say... (Repeat Chorus) Then Chris took out his mandolin and he began to play They sang and danced the Tarantell until the break of day. They ate up all the provolone and drank up all the bugjuice. But still up in the crow's nest you can hear Luigi say... (Repeat Chorus) And then one day they sighted land just off the starboard bow Columbus said "I told ya so the journey's over now. An Indian shouted from the shore "Tu Bella Beesh Amma" Luigi shouted back, "Hey-Capish Italian!" (Repeat Chorus) Oh please Mr. Columbus don't take me back no more I wanna stay right here and make the chief my father in law. I'm glad you told Isabella that the world was round I don't know where we are but there's pisanos all around. (Repeat Chorus)


Audience can echo the last words of each line of the verses. Actions are as follows: Oh please Mr. Columbus-move pointer finger up and down "turn the ship around"-turn yourself around "my two feet on the ground"-jump in place "that the world was round"-make big circle with your hands going from top to bottom

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This is an appropriate song to sing on or around Columbus Day.


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