4 ft stick


Lots of practice twirling stick


Master: Welcome, to the first annual Bo Stick Demonstration and Chinese Cuisine Challenge. The rules are as follows: You must face me, bow, say a chinese cuisine, I say one back, bow and do your bo stick routine. Contestant #1: You are first! Contestant #1: (Bows to master) Chicken Fried Rice Master: Ah! Egg Roll! Contestant #1: (Bows and does routine very poorly, dropping the stick several times) Master: You terrible! I give you 3 out of 10! Contestant #2 is up! Contestant #2: (Bows to master) Wonton Soup! Master: Very good... Pork Lo Mein! Contestnat #2: (Bows to master, does routine a little better than contestant #1) Master: Little better... I give you a 5. Next up, contestant #3. Contestant #3: (Bows to master) Hot and Sour Sauce Master: Egg Foo Young! Contestant #3: (Bows to master, does routine fairly well) Master: Very good... I give you an 8! Our final contestant is next. Contestant #4: (Goes right into routine, is the best by far) Master: Very interesting routine... I give you a.... zero! Contestant #4: What do you mean a zero! I practiced thousands of hours... I was the best... what do you mean I got a zero! Master: You forgot to bow and say chinese cuisine! Contestant: (Laughing with disbelief) Oh, ok. Well here... here's my bow (Bows). And I'll take my chopstick (using large bo stick) and beat you until you bleed soy sauce!


Andrew Coe


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