Chocoalate Pineapple upsidedown cake


Chocoalate Pineapple upsidedown cake


12 oz pineapple rings  
1 box chocolate cake mix  
ingrediants on cake mix as needed(eggs, oil, water, etc)  
1 jar marichino cherries  
1/4 cup brown sugar  
4 TBLS butter


Dutch oven 12"  
aluminum foil  
1 @ 1 gal ziplock freezer bag  


place 24 bricks of charcoal in pile or in starter and ignite.  
line dutch oven with foil place pineapple rings in a layer on the bottom. place cherries in the holes and between the rings as desired. sprinkle brown sugar over the fruit, and place butter in small pieces all over. place all cake ingrediants in the zip lock, remove all of the air and seal bag. knead mix in the bag until mixed. pour cake mix over fruit. spread 10 bricks of charcoal under dutch oven and the remainder on top spaced evenly. check in 10 min with a knife or clean stick. if cake mix sticks, cover for 5 min and repeat check as nessisary.  


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This one did not win at the Camporee but it was the first one eaten! A metal trivit placed in the bottom before the foil alows a little water to be added to keep the bottom from scorching.


chris mullen


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