Chief Walla Walla


Chief Walla Walla


two chairs, four hiking sticks, bucket of water sponge, blindfold, face paint, and three volunteers


Have one scout paint his face and dress up like the chief of a distant tribe.(face paint is a nice touch.) Place the two chairs facing eachother. place two hiking sticks on either side of both chairs.


you will introduce the chief as being from far away and having come to share a ritual from his tribe. Three volunteers are selected from the audience.(one should have a very good attitude, He will get wet.)They are taken out of the room and blind folded. they are returned one by one and told to sit in the chair and do exactly as the chief does. They are told that it is rude to laugh or not do what he does. it is very important to tell them that they must maintain eye contact. The chief will sit in one of the chairs grab the sticks and start yelling and waving the sticks, while only looking directly at the volunteer. the person repeats exactly what the chief did. this is repeated twice with each volunteer. When the third person is shown in someone puts the bucket with the sponge in it under his chair. The same is done with this person but the third time the chief goes on his rant he stands up . when the volunteer stands someone behind him puts the sponge on his chair so when he sits down he gets soaked.


Austin Bunot


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