Chief Shortcake

Chief Shortcake

Chief Shortcake


A Towel, Whip cream, cherries, 4-5 scouts




A scout leader of your choice (who does not know the skit but has a really good sense of humor) lays down on the ground or stage with a towel on his chest. One at a time a scout walks up and stands next to him and tells everyone how he will remember him....(i.e. scout 1: I will always remember Chief Shortcake for his lessons that he taught us ...) this continues with all of the scout's saying something different until the last one... The final scout will have the whip cream and the cherries and says "I will remember Chief Shortcake the way we all should...With a lot of whip cream and cherries on top." (Make sure that he says this while putting all of the goodies on his face.)


Chief Shortcake

Chief Shortcake Chief Shortcake


Scoutmaster Troop- 970 Rob Works


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