Chicken in a bucket


Chicken in a bucket


whole chicken  <br>salt, pepper or other seasonings


aluminum foil  <br>wooden stake  <br>large metal bucket or popcorn tin  <br>charcoal  <br>shovel  <br>pot holders


Place a sheet of aluminum foil on the ground. Pound the stake into the ground in the center of the foil. Place the chicken over the stake. Place the bucket/tin over the chicken, making sure that the bucket covers the chicken without touching it. Pile hot coals around the edge of the bucket and up the sides as high as possible (usually about 4 coals high) and on top of it. After about 1 hour to 75 minutes your chicken will be brown and tasty.


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Oven roasters seem to work the best. 75 minutes cooks a fairly large chicken or turkey breast. Do not try to check part way through the cooking - it just makes a mess!


Kathy Daly


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