Chicken & Dumplings


Chicken & Dumplings


Chicken (pre-cooked is faster) Vegetables (Zuchinni, fresh muchrooms, celery, carrots, yellow squash, green pepper, green onions), bisquick mix, milk, butter, cooking oil, water, chicken buillion (cube or powder), italian seasoning, minced garlic or powder, any other seasoning you like or prefer. Quantities of above depend on the amount of people you are feeding.


Dutch oven, bowl, knife, camping stove, burner, or coals (15 on bottom of dutch oven.)


Coat dutch oven with oil, and add a few tablesppons to the pot, along with a pat or two of butter, heat until water drop dances, becareful not to over heat. Cut up vegetables, slice squash and zuccini, etc, and add to the pot, add water to avoid burning, cook until they start to become tender, then cut up and add cooked chicken. (If using raw chicken, add chicken first and when the chicken has started cooking, add vegetables.) Desolve buillion, and add to 1 cup of water. Pour water with buillion and seasoning into dutch oven. Stir ingredients together. Add more water if necessary, depending on quanity of ingredients, and to avoid burining. Cover and cook for 45 minutes, if using raw chicken. If chicken was cooked, cook for 15 minutes. While this is cooking, make dumplings, using milk and directions on bisquick box. About 5-10 minutes before chicken is finished cooking, open dutch oven and stir, add water if necessary, and drop spoonfulls of dumpling mixture on top of the chicken and vegetables. Close lid, Chicken and dumplings are ready to serve when dumplings are cooking and are fluffy.


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