Charles E.


First Name

Charles E.

Last Name

Ferguson III

Year Earned:



Senior Patrol Leader 2004-2006, Certificate of Merit(heroism)2002, 1st NYLT in Maine participant(Eagle Patrol)2005, O.A. Brotherhood member, AC5 Bridger-Teton participant 2008, 70 Merit Badges as of 7/2009, Den Chief 2006-2009, Friend of Don Fendler(Lost On A Mountain In Maine author), Survived the T609 dictatorship that lasted from 2003-2008. Attended Camps; Bomazeen 2002/2003(Windy Hill), Hinds 2004(Patten)/2005(Maguire), and Roosevelt 2006(Boulders)/2007(Pine Ledge)/2008(Gary Robbins)/2009(Gary Robbins).


Charles Ferguson II


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