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"The investiture of the Scout is purposely made into something of a ceremony, since a little ritual of that kind, if carried out with strict solemnity, impresses the boy; and considering the grave imporance of the occasion, it is only right that he should be impressed as much as possible." - Baden-Powell

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Beading Ceremony

Bear In The Cave

Bobcat Ceremony

Bobcat Ceremony 2

Painted Bobcat Ceremony

Painted Ranks

The Story of Cub Scout Colors Ceremony

Tiger Cub Graduation

Tiger Cub Welcome Ceremony

Tiger to Wolf Ceremony




Camp Flag Lowering

Flag Lowering

Flag Raising

Flag Raising 2

Flag Retirement

Flag Retirement Ceremony

Formal Flag Ceremonies (Opening/Closing)

Formal Color Guard Posting Ceremony

Honoring Our Chineese Heritage

More Than 3 Colors

Standard Closing Flag Ceremony

Standard Opening Flag Ceremony

United States Flag Retirement Ceremony


Court of Honor

Cross Over

Denner Investiture

Opening ceremonie for Patrol meeting

Three Forms of Courage