Tiger Cub Graduation



Ladies and Gentlemen 10 months ago the Den 8 Tigers set off on a journey, a journey to earn their rank of Tiger.

They were not alone on this journey they had the support of their Den, Pack and most importantly their Parents.

Well today represents an end to their journey.

Now to illustrate what is required to earn their rank I have prepared a recipe.
Now I did this at home the other night and it worked our perfectly, so lets cross our figures.

The first ingredient is the Tiger Book. These books represent the road map for what is required to earn their Tiger rank.

(put Tiger book into the inner bucket)

Second, is the Tiger Neckerchief, this neckerchief represents the courage and commitment by these cubs to complete said journey.
(Smell the neckerchief and snap your head back)
A smelly, 10 month only, unwashed neckerchief…

(put Neckerchief into the inner bucket)

Next are these Tiger beads. These beads represent the commitment by the parents to go above and beyond what is required to enrich their Tigers experience.

(pour beads into inner bucket… let them drop so they make noise.)

Lastly, is the Tiger Water. This water resents the end of their journey and the fuses of all these ingredients together.

(pour the water into the crushed dry ice… smoke pours out and the kids take notice and get excited….)

And when you mix all these ingredients together what you get…..is!!!.

(pull out the doll from the inner bucket)

A ...Doll? (with a confused look)

Wait let me try this again…

(waive had over the smoke….)

What you get is a…

(Pull out a light saber)

A light saber? (more confused look)

(Snap the light saber open and scratch your head with it… Audience has gone from excitement to laughter)

Wait I must of done something wrong… let me think???


Oh I know what I forgot… I forgot the Den Leaders Neckerchief.

(pull the den leader neckerchief off your assistant standing next to you)

Without the support of all the Den Leaders, Cubmaster and Pack Committee it would be very difficult for any cubs to make their rank…

And! when you mix all these ingredients together, you get….is

(pull the Tiger Patches out form the inner bucket)

The rank of Tiger.

Ladies and Gentlemen with the help of (cubmaster) I would like to invite the following cubs along with their parents to accept their rank of Tiger.

Play the music…

Equipment / Preparation

Two buckets with one bucket able to fit in another. Inner bucket has to be big enough to fit a Tiger book.

Tiger patches (inside the inner bucket)

Tiger book, neckerchief, beads, leader neckerchief, large water bottle (marked “Tiger water”)

Toy props… example Doll and toy lightsaber (placed in the inner bucket)

Dry Ice (purchased the day of and crushed before the ceremony), placed between the two bucket.

Assistant Den Leader with leader neckercheif

Ipod w/ speakers and remote queued up with “Eye of the Tiger”… Remote goes in your pocket


ContributorThe Unknown Scout


Date Entered20-May-2011

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