The Story of Cub Scout Colors Ceremony



Leader: Many moons ago the great chief Akela called a council to see what could be done to make the Webelos tribe the best of all tribes. After many hours he called his three most trusted braves to the council fire. (He pauses as three braves come in and stand in front of the pot/fire.)
Leader: (Tell the first brave) You go climb the mountain and ask the great eagle to fly high into the sky and bring back part of the sun. (The first brave leaves.)
Leader: (Tell the second brave) You go to the ocean and ask the salmon to swim far into the ocean and bring back part of the sea.
The second brave leaves.)
Leader: (Tell the third brave) Go into the forest and ask the fox to dig deep into the ground and bring back some of the earth.
(The third brave leaves.)

All three scouts return carrying bottles - a small bottle of yellow water, blue water, and orange water. They take positions, on the side of the fire, and hold bottles for everyone to see.)

Leader: (Addressing the first brave.) Pour some of the beauty of the sky (yellow)into our council mixing pot.
(The brave pours the liquid over the dry ice, being careful not to get any in the small pot.)

Leader: (to second brave) Pour some of the beauty of the sea (blue)into our council mixing pot. (The second brave responds, and the boiling action increases.)

Leader: (to third brave) Pour some of the beauty of the earth (orange)into our council mixing pot. (The second brave responds, and the boiling action increases.)

Leader: From this day forward, blue will stand for truth and loyalty. Yellow will stand for happiness and good cheer. Orange will stand for curiosity and courage.

(Akela stirs the pot, reaches in, and pulls out the orange, yellow and blue Cub Scout neckerchiefs. He holds them open for all to see, and speaks.)
Leader: And that is why Cub Scouts use the colors blue, yellow, and orange. Now let us meet the parents and Cub Scouts who have helped to keep Cub Scouting alive and growing since we last met.
(Akela stirs the pot again and takes the awards from the small pot. The boys and the parents are called forward and the awards are presented.)

Equipment / Preparation

Tiger kerchief. (Orange)
Wolf kerchief. (Blue)
Bear kerchief. (Yellow)
3 small clear bottle - containing water died yellow, blue, and orange.
3 scouts, dressed in Indian attire.
A tripod with a large cooking pot suspended over an imitation fire.
Preparation: Leader stands behind cook pot. 3 scouts are offstage.
Notes: A small pot fits inside the large one and contains a yellow Wolf kerchief and a blue Bear kerchief and an orange Tiger kerchief and the awards to be presented. Dry ice may be packed around the small pot to give a smoking effect (smoke increases as water is poured).


ContributorElizabeth Warren


Date Entered21-Mar-2008

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