Tiger to Wolf Ceremony



Akela: These scouts have completed their Tiger requirements and are ready to receive their rank advancement. Please bring your parents forward when your name is called. (call each scout)

Akela: For the past few months you and your adult partner have explored all sorts of new and exciting things and places. You have taken each part of the Tiger Cub motto, and used it in your home, school, and neighborhood.

(Light white candle)
Akela: You have searched in your home and community for new activities that have shown you how people work together and have fun together.

(Light orange candle)
Akela: You have discovered that by doing things together with friends and family you feel you are part of a great family, community, and country.

(Light black candle)
Akela: You have shared your adventures with your family, friends, and fellow Tiger Cubs, and that helped you all become a stronger den.

(Light blue candle)
Akela: You have fulfilled all the requirements of wearing the Tiger rank badge. Parents please attach badge upside down.
(while the badges are being pinned on)
Akela: As before with the Bob Cat Badge, these badges will stay upside down until I turn them over after you have down a good deed on your own accord. (Parents, please do not tell me that the boy has done a good deed, they also must remember to tell me themselves).
For the rest of this year, you will continue to have fun in your Tiger den and earn additional Tiger Track beads. At the end of June, you will begin the trail of the Wolf.

Akela: In Cub Scouting your family is very important. Support in earning each badge comes from your family as well as from your den leader. Your adult partner will help you each step of the way.

Akela: Congratulations to each of you on earning your Tiger rank!

Equipment / Preparation

4 large candles (1 white, 1 orange, 1 black, 1 blue)
Tiger badges
Preparation: 3 candles in a row with 4th candle above and behind them.

CommentGood time to do this is at blue and gold dinners

ContributorElizabeth Warren


Date Entered21-Mar-2008

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