Honoring Our Chineese Heritage



Music is started
MC Color guard advance.
Dragon enters with all the scouts under including the rolled up American and Unit Flag.
Dragon enters weaving amongst the crowd as it is able.
MC: Color guard halt!
Dragon stops
MC : color Guard present the colors!
(From under the dragon the flags are brought out from both sides and waved as the boys approach the stands)
Music is stopped
MC:Color Guard post the colors!
MC: please join me in the pledge of allegience to the Flag.
MC: Two
MC: Color guard retreate
Scouts return under the dragon and they weave their way out.and place the dragon on the table in the back and then join the unit.

Equipment / Preparation

Our den made a dragon much like that used in the new Yeares Celbration. Its mouth opened and shut andthe boys really enjoyed making this with the help of card board boxes, tissue paper and bright colors! We used yardage of cloth ( about 4 yards) for the body
Music for the ceremony. We had the sound track from "Mulan" to help.


ContributorPamela Hershey


Date Entered11-Sep-2007

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