Camp Flag Lowering



Narrator: Camp Attention! (Camp stands at attention)

Colorguard Attention! (Colorguard stands at attention)

Colorguard Advance! (Colorguard marches in sync to the flag pole)

Colorguard, Release the Halyard! (Colorguard unties halyard until it is entirely off of the flagpole)

Colorguard, lower the colors! Camp Salute! (Colorguard SLOWLY lowers the flag; camp salutes; Bugler plays "Taps")

(Colorguard lowers flag and takes it off of the line; begins to fold it)

TWO! (Camp stands at attention, no longer saluting)

(Colorguard finishes folding the flag)

Colorguard, Secure the Halyard! (Colorguard ties back the halyard to the flag pole)

Colorguard regroup! Colorguard dismissed! Camp at Ease!

Equipment / Preparation

USA Flag, Flag pole, 1 narrator/barker, 3 scouts to lower flag.

CommentUsed at 2007 Orange County Council, CA Camporee

ContributorMatt Curtis


Date Entered08-Apr-2007

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