Three Forms of Courage



There are three forms of courage. First is Bravery. This is the physical form of not regarding your own physical safety to protect or save someone else. It is that characteristic found in firefighters who run into burning buildings, soldiers who throw themselves on handgrenades, and citizens who run into traffic to save a child. The second is Integrity. This is the courage to do what is right when no one is looking. It may be as simple as putting the candy wrapper in your pocket, paying income taxes or praying to God(not just saying a prayer, but really praying). There is no reward or applause, but the good feeling inside that you know you did the right thing, in the right place. The third form of courage is Speaking Up in a Crowded room. This is the measure of a person who is willing to be honest with a crowd to speak their mind openly and respectfully in support or against an idea. This is the courage to disagree without being disagreeable. Bravery, Integrity and Speaking-Up. These three forms are evidenced in our American Flag: The Red, represents Bravery: the Blood shed by a few to protect many others; The White: purity of Integrity that comes from doing the right thing for there is no right way to do a wrong thing; The Blue: being true to your principles and letting others know where you stand in not compromising those principles.

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read this and think of applications.

CommentThis can be used in an Eagle Scout Ceremony, Court of Honor or Scoutmaster's minute or Scout's Own Service or Woodbadge Beading Ceremony. A variation is to hold the ceremony outside and release a colored balloon in each form or courage.

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Date Entered26-Dec-2006

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