Flag Raising



MC:Troop(or camp or etc.) attention.
MC:Colorguard. Post.
Colorguard starts with their left foot(right foot is wrong. MUST be left.) first walking in a strait line to the pole. Pace should be quick, but dignified. At the pole the leader of the guard(if their is no leader the person to the left. Note if their is a leader they need not stand to the left.) will say quietly so only the guard can hear: Colorguard, Halt. this is on a right foot. They should step with their left foot, then stop.
MC: Colorguard. Post the colors.
The color guard raises the flag, again, pace should be quick, but dignified.
The moment the flag begins to rise the MC says
MC:Troop salute.
the color guard does not salute, and scouts out of uniform put their hands over their hearts like normal.
once the flag is almost to the top the MC says
when the flag reaches the top he says
The crowd drops the salute, but remains at attention.
When the leader the guard says "colorguard, salute" the guard salutes for 3 seconds, drops it, the leader issues an about face,("colorguard, about face")they walk slower that before back to "base"(where they started from)
once there the MC says:
MC:Troop at ease.

Equipment / Preparation

Flag pole and flags
Color guards should practice and be able to walk in step.
MC(or troop leader or who ever)


ContributorThe Unknown Scout


Date Entered19-Oct-2004

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