Bobcat Ceremony



Introduction: (Cubmaster)
The ranks in Cub Scouting are a picture of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. The black panther Bagheera is the mighty hunter that teaches the cubs the skills of the jungle. In Cub Scouting we use the symbol of the Bobcat.
When a boy is between the ages of 8 and 11 years old or has (at least) completed the first grade, he can become a Cub Scout. The first part of his journey in Cub Scouting is the Bobcat trail. There are 8 steps on this trail.

Each step is read by 8 people spread out outside the campfire. If possible hidden so they can only be heard and not seen. As each step is read, a candle is lit in front of the Scouts being awarded the Bobcat rank near the center of the campfire circle.

1. The first step on this trail is the Cub Scout Promise. In it the Scout says he will do his best to reach outside of himself. Will all the Scouts please stand and join our new Bobcats in saying the Cub Scout Promise.
2. The second step on the Bobcat trail is the Law of the Pack. In it the Scout commits himself to the relationship between himself and others. Will all the adult leaders and scouts please stand and join together and say the Law of the Pack.
3. When we took our third step on the Bobcat trail we learned what it means to pledge loyalty. Will all the Webelos Scouts please stand and join together saying the meaning that stands behind the word WEBELOS.
4. The Cub Scout Sign was the next thing we learned on the trail. It is an outward symbol for everyone to see that shows that you will “help other people” and “obey the law of the Pack”. Will all the Scouts and Leaders show the Cub Scout Sign so everyone can see what you stand for.
5. The Cub Scout Handshake is a way for Cub Scouts to show and remind each other when they greet that they are part of a Pack and will help and obey. Will the Scouts here reach out to another Scout next to you with the Cub Scout Handshake.
6. The Cub Scout Salute is the Scout’s way of showing respect to others and to his country. Will all the scouts in uniform please join together and salute our country’s flag.
7. The last step that the Scout takes on his own is learning that no one free from mistakes all that is expected of him is to do all to as well as he can. Will all the Scouts join together and say the Cub Scout Motto. Have the Scouts repeat it a few times until they are saying it unison in the form of a cheer.
8. The final step on this trail was accomplished with Scouts and Parents together. The end of this trail leads to times when the parents and Scouts must be separated. We learned some things that will help keep the Scouts safe when out from under the wings of his parents. Will the Scouts please turn to your parents and thank them for all their support on this trail.

Presentation: (Den Leader)
As you can see, this first trail in Cub Scouting is not an easy one. They all have worked hard to earn this award.

Mr. Cubmaster I present to you the next group of gentlemen from Pack 95 who have earned the rank of Bobcat.

Equipment / Preparation

We did this at a Pack campout at the evening campfire.


ContributorJohn Webster


Date Entered18-May-2004

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