Catalina Madelina


Catalina Madelina


Chorus: Catalina Madelina Rubin-stein-a Waltz-stein-a Hoca-poca-moca was her name. She had ten hairs on top of her head. (hold 10 fingers up on head) Five were alive and the other five were dead. (one hand's fingers stand up, other hands' fingers droop down) Chorus She had two teeth in her mouth One pointed north and the other pointed south. (use index fingers to point as teeth) Chorus She had two hips like battleships, One stayed home while the other took trips. (Jut a hip out and shake it, keeping other still) Chorus (Slower and sadly) One day Catalina got hit by a truck (pause sadly) (Now back to peppy tempo) The driver had to go and buy a new truck! Chorus


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Fun song! Would be easy to make up additional verses - I know there are other versions out there.


Kerry Johnson


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