Candy Shop Owner


Candy Shop Owner


5-6 volunteers


rehersal for the shop owner.


there is one person who is th candy shop owner and he/she says "i am opening a candy shop!!!Can anyone help me?Then picck a volunteer.Tell him/her to be a cashregister.Tell them that whenever a regular person walks bye to say chi- ching or moneyyyyyyy!!!Then walk by like a regula person and have them do the sound,get a coat rack,open sign front desk etc.Everytime you add something new in walk by and have them all do their sounds.Make sure that you DO NOT say who once to be the candy.Then once you have all u need ask them well i guess that's it do I need anything else,once they reply candy!!!!!!!!!!You say why would I need any candy when I have got a bothbunch of suckers right behind me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lily Montanna


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