Campfire pizza


Campfire pizza


frozen pizza dough  <br>corn meal  <br>any jar sauce (I like Barilla lasagna sauce best.)  <br>grated mozzarella cheese  <br>what ever toppings you like best...ex.  <br>pepperoni,fish,pork,etc.  <br>


campfire grill rack  <br>pizza stone  <br>a very large spatula  <br>oven mitts (to remove stone from fire when done.)  <br>2 paper plates  <br>  <br>


place grill rack on campfire & pizza stone on top of grill rack.  <br>defrost & cut down dough into small balls approx. the size of a cub scouts fist. place corn meal on paper plate & dough on top. stretch out dough evenly the size of a small pizza. on the other paper plate cover with more cornmeal. flop dough over from 1st plate to 2nd plate (the one with all cornmeal on it).  <br>place heaping spoonfull of sauce on dough, top with cheese and fixings of choice. slide dough onto hot pizza stone (with more cornmeal ontop stone,but under pizza). rotate around stone with spatula a few time to prevent  <br>burning and sticking. cook time approx.  <br>5 min. until golden brown crusts.  <br>great fun for any scout and adults to make, we did! From pack 65


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please be sure not to wash stone with water after use just let campfire burn off the remains of the day. wipe clean with a dry cloth when stone is cool.


julie houseworth


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